Baudīt Interior Design Inc. is a cohesive unit of dedicated, award winning designers, focusing on the client’s needs regardless of the nature or size of the project. 

Originating as Baudīt Interior Design and evolving through a joint venture with RS Field Design, Baudīt Interior Design Inc. continues to provide innovative design solutions.  The recent transformation into a partnership sees Erika McCarthy and Angelo Gatti at the helm of the firm offering enhanced design services.  Firm believers in a team-based approach, they lead a highly talented design group towards a common goal; successful projects resulting in genuine client relationships.

Why ‘Baudīt’?

When selecting a company name, Erika wanted something that would reflect a positive outlook on life- For this she looked no further than to her Latvian grandmother who, having survived adversities in her life, always had a sunny disposition.  This disposition was expressed through what became her mantra ‘Enjoy the life’- Baudīt being the direct translation of enjoy– and was instilled in Erika, her siblings and cousins at an early age.  This mantra of enjoying life regardless of the task at hand is the company’s tenet and forms the foundation on which it continues to build – We enjoy life, our projects, our team, our coffee; and most of all, our clients.

Erika McCarthy

Erika McCarthy

Erika has extensive experience in both the residential and commercial sectors and was the recipient of an ARIDO Award of Merit in 2013. After a successful career working for leading Interior Design firms in the GTA, Erika struck out on a new path with the creation of Baudīt Interior Design. A positive outlook coupled with a sharp eye for design results in excellent client experiences.

Angelo Gatti

Angelo Gatti

Angelo brings to bear a varied experience spanning construction, design and project management, including managing three ARIDO award winning projects. Years of dealing with all the various elements that make up a project have instilled a steadfast belief in the effectiveness of teamwork focused on a common goal.

Team Approach

The team approach, and extension of the business itself, is that of a bicycle wheel: broken down it’s a simple collection of static parts; assembled and finely tuned, it’s a marvel of design and engineering that will take you to the four corners of the earth.

Affiliations / Memberships

Hamilton Halton Home Builders' Association
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce